What are we going to do?

 Patrick van den Eijk is going as KingdomIT Foundation to Burkina Faso to do the follow:

  • Practical instructions about WSUS, including hands-on, for francophone africans.
  • Guide a discussion about network monitoring tools, like Nagios, Zabbix, Centreon and PRTG, for francophone Africans.
  • Give a course about Website design using WordPress, for people from Burkina Faso.



When and where will the project take place?

The project will be held from 14th February till 21th February 2016 in Francophone, at SIL Ouagadougou and TeLeVieDeo


  • 14-02-2018 – 17-02-2018: ICCM 2018 Francophone, at SIL Ouagadougou.
  • 12-02-2018 – 13-02-2018; 19-02-1018 – 21-02-2018: TéLéVieDeo

Why this project?

ICCM 2018 francophone
To empower francophone African IT-people. By doing this, we enable them to run projects themselves. Also raise awareness about technical changes, options and possibilities. Further to build relations with francophone African organizations, for future projects. While being there, showing the KingdomIT Box, and find out which options and opportunities
there are for using this Box in francophone Africa.

To educate future website designers from Burkina Faso, so they can be a useful asset for their organization/company. Also be available for TéLéVieDeo to help with various IT-relation questions
and issues. Lastly, to find out if and how the KingdomIT Box can be used with the mission of TéLéVieDeo.

Project Plan

We have written the whole project in a Project Plan which you can download here:

Click here: Project Plan