KingdomIT developed its KingdomIT Box to provide access to the Gospel and teaching materials everywhere . The Box is a small computer of the size of a credit card that operates on a battery with solar panel. The KingdomIT Box functions anywhere and is not dependent on power grid nor Internet. The KingdomIT Box provides as it were, in a species-specific Internet. Through a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, the information on the box KingdomIT be approached with a wifi-connection. The Box has content like the Bible in several languages, Evangelism and/or training materials. Also, the KingdomIT Box can function as a computer. This allows us to quickly set up mobile computer labs with which one can follow e-courses.

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What does the KingdomIT Box for the mission field?

Watch the interview with Stephen Kirabira of Kingfisher Mobilizing Movement in Uganda.


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Students follow a lesson on the KingdomIT Box


The KingdomIT Box is made up of modules, which a pastor or teacher can enable or disable. Modules such as the Bible, Audio Bible, Lessons, Multimedia and Jesus Movie. In the future we will have more modules with other possibilities. Currently the modules are offered in English. Also the Bibile and Audio Bible, both King James version, and the Jesus Movie are currently only offered in English. It is intended that the Box supports several languages.

Het Interface

Closed Interface
This is for pastors and teachers. They can logon on “back side” of the KingdomIT Box with a valid username and password. To create lessons, enable or disable modules and to transfer files on Box.

Public Interface
This will be shown to anyone who connects to the KingdomIT Box. With this they have access to the various modules that are offered.We have created the box so that it functions properly on any screen, device and in any Internet browser.

Public Interface Closed Interface
interface-user interface_pastor

Some specifications of the KingdomIT Box

Shipping box content

Operating System Debian Linux
  • KingdomIT Box
  • WiFi adapter
  • Solar Battery
  • USB-cable
  • SDcard 32 GB
  • Network cable
  • 220 V adapter USB
  • Manuals
  • User Agreement
Speed WiFi 300 Mbps
SDcard 32 GB
Users via WiFi 10
Software developed by KingdomIT
Software KIT 1.0
Solar Battery 10 hours
Solar Charging time 12 hours
Power charging through 220 V Yes
Solar Panel connector USB
Total weight 0,2 kg