The Netherlands has many Christian foundations. All these foundations have the same challenge: cost reduction. A professional IT environment, solution or product is often required for mission organizations, but are costly. Many donate money which is meant for the mission, but are spent on expensive IT solutions and services.

Our work
In the Netherlands we support various Christian foundations with IT. This ranges from building a website to manage/support of their IT environment. We do this because we believe that IT can play an important role in spreading the Gospel. Our IT support has indirect implications for the purpose/vision and mission of the particular Christian foundation. The foundations are basically helped free of charge unless they are able to contribute in the form of donations to KingdomIT Foundation.

Below is an overview of Christian foundations that we have supported:

  • Stichting Nations Ablaze International ministries
  • Stichting GAiN Helpt
  • Stichting Agape
  • Stichting Zanethemba Nederland
  • Stichting Operation Rescue
  • Stichting Ro-charis
  • Stichting Time To Turn